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New Scientist: Evolution makes religions judgmental?

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Image: 023 Jesus eats with publicans and sinners
Jesus eating with sinners.

Wow. Nicholas Baumard here:

Christianity’s success is often attributed to its supposedly unique message. Unlike earlier religions, it exhorted people to be good and promised to reward them for their goodness in the afterlife. That is still how most people conceptualise the Christian message: helping others, working hard, controlling one’s sexuality and believing that people who don’t do so will be punished. In other words, a moralising religion. More (paywall) .

If Baumard and NS got everything about Christianity so wrong in the second free paragraph (and the topic was their choice), one can hardly recommend paying to read the rest and finding out what “evolution” has to do with it.

The main selling point of Christianity through the ages is that one is not good and does not need to be good. No one can be good in God’s eyes.

“If he were really a prophet, he would have KNOWN that this woman is a sinner!” Luke vii, 36-50

However, a judgment has been awarded in one’s favour and one needs only step forward and claim it. See, for example,

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Other religions may teach what they please, to be sure, but the Christian thinks that trying to be good without God is a waste of time. It is possible with God—because all things are possible with God.

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Amen. Nothing could more wrong about christianity then thinking its about good being rewarded especially with eternal life outside of hell. This is very poor research on these folks. Where do they live? Its good though how they keep coming back to religion. it shows it matters and always will. Robert Byers

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