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NPR: Turkey to stop teaching evolution this fall

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Lauren Frayer and Gokce Saracoglu report:

At a news conference last month, Turkey’s education minister announced that new textbooks will be introduced in all primary and secondary schools, starting with grades 1, 5 and 9 this fall, and the rest next year. They will stop teaching evolution in grade 9, when it’s usually taught.

“Evolutionary biology is best left to be taught at the university level,” Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz told reporters. “It’s a theory that requires a higher philosophical understanding than schoolchildren have.”

That means students who don’t go on to university may never learn who Charles Darwin was. More.

Huh? When Darwin’s publicists speak without thinking, they reveal their true concerns. The big problem, put starkly in the single offset sentence immediately above, is that Turkish kids won’t know who Darwin, the author of the single greatest idea anyone ever had, is.

And make no mistake, the many Darwinians who honestly believe this do not mean Darwinism as a mere proposed mechanism for creating high levels of information in biology. That would be putting their faith to the test, a test it stands a good chance of flunking.

Through “evolution” (really, Darwinism), many of them seek child converts for metaphysical naturalism (= nature is all there is). Their true intent leaks out unawares, as in the case of a recent attempt to get religious students to accept Darwinism that involved a fiercely anti-religious figure, Richard Dawkins.  (!) The contempt in which such people must hold the intelligence of the rest of us may derive from their belief that we are all just animals—but they have fiercer fangs than we do.

One thing we needn’t expect to hear much about from our increasingly discredited traditional media is evolution, as such, apart from Darwinism. That would mean research and thinking, as opposed to publicizing the fears and whines of the Darwin lobby. When it comes to evolution, their fears and whines are Big News’s Big Easy.

See also: Troubling news re Turkey vs. Darwinism: Evolution out, jihad in. It’s hard to know who to back if the only choice is between one fundamentalism and another. Backing the local boys may be safer but it is not a recipe for peace or prosperity.

Turkish science group takes “teach both sides” approach to Darwinism

Yes, teach evolution, but cut out the nonsense


Teaching evolution to creationist students

goodusername: I may have over-weighed my own personal experience with people using evolution to make racism sound like a great idea, and made an unnecessary attachment between groups of unrelated racists. I appreciate the thoughtful contrary perspective. LocalMinimum
LM @7, ah-huh. I that why the NAZIS outlawed evolution and burned Darwin's books. You see Darwin said we originated in Africa, an this is an idea not quite in line with NAZI 'master race' sympathies. But you chug along trying to make that non-existant link, it's good for a laugh.:) rvb8
I believe the Neo-Nazi movement promotes Darwinism, also human evolution is a core principle of their beliefs.
Out of curiosity for what they believed, I have perused neo-nazi message boards in the past, and human evolution hardly seems to be a "core principle." Of course, there are evolutionists, but also Creationists - I've even seen several evolution v. creation debates on their boards. I'm not sure what percentage believe in pre-Adamism (the belief that only Adam and Eve were white, while other races were created previously among the "beasts") but that was also a common belief (pre-Adamism is more associated with the Christian Identity movement, but there seems to be some overlap with neo-Nazis). goodusername
rvb8: I believe the Neo-Nazi movement promotes Darwinism, also human evolution is a core principle of their beliefs. I am surprised not many Evolutionists aren’t(sic - are they?) making a bee-line to this movement of enlightenment and advancement. They also believe in social progressiveness, though not your progression. LocalMinimum
I believe it is illegal to teach evolutionary biology in Saudi Arabia, also abortion is against the law there. I am surprised not many IDists aren't making a bee-line to this oasis of clear thinking, and rational stability. They also believe in Bibical literalism, though not your Bible. Turkey is becoming the play thing of Recep Tayip Erdogan. If you really believe in the dictatorship of evolution, you should check out their immigration policies. rvb8
I jihad is going to be taught instead? This is going to backfire leading to civil war...or uprising at least... We live in very exiting times... J-Mac
I wonder which definition of evolution they are not going to teach. Mung

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