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2009: Origin of Species Sesquicentennial


I want to encourage critics of materialistic evolution to start thinking even now about organizing conferences and other public events in 2009 aimed at deflating Darwinism and its contemporary offshoots (it’s never too soon to start). Darwin’s Origin of Species was published in 1859, and its centennial celebration in 1959 at the University of Chicago was a love fest for Darwin. The man and his “dangerous idea” have been way oversold. Thus, it is high time to have some conferences at major research institutions that highlight the deficiencies of materialistic evolution — especially at the 150th anniversary of the Origin. Possible conference titles that come to mind are “Darwinism Transcended,” “Darwin’s Dead Idea,” “Evolution: The Illusion of a Possibility,” “Darwinism Devolving,” and “Evolution: The Senescent Years.” Besides critiquing evolutionary theory by pointing out its vast unfulfilled pretensions (in this regard, look at my book Uncommon Dissent), some of these conferences should aim at undoing the hagiography that secularists have built around Darwin. The man and his theory need to be knocked off their pedestal.

I vote for calling it "Darwin's Dead Idea". "The man and his theory need to be knocked off their pedestal." I'm for knocking of his theory, and I'm for knocking off his scholarship and attempst at science. By standards of modern science, he was passing of philosophy, not science. scordova
I completely agree with you on starting now to plan some kind of event. It is in four years, but I would think that the Darwinists are already thinking about 2009. It would be a big boost in awareness because many people will again think about the book, the history, the controversy, and the current issues. It could be a very large step in the right direction. jch_raider

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