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Pew Forum shows evangelical leaders divided over evolution

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The leaders are divided on evolution. Slightly more reject the idea of evolution (47%) than believe in theistic evolution, the notion that God has used evolution for the purpose of creating humans and other life (41%). Few (3%) believe that human life has evolved solely by natural processes with no involvement from a supreme being.

Did the 3% understand the question?

Some wonder whether evangelical leaders should be asked less general questions, like “Do you believe that Adam and Eve were actual persons?” That’s the divisive question just now, not pap abut “evolution.”

When I was a little kid, I discovered the BC comic and was slightly scandalized ... but also quite enjoyed the strip. From the strip, even as a pre-teen kid, I was pretty sure that Johnny Hart wasn't a Christian. Later, when I rediscovered the strip as an adult, it seemed to me that he likely was. Ilion
"Yet Adam and other living creatures preceded Eve." Or vice versa - read Genesis 2:4 to 2:25. Grunty
semi OT: Suing The Devil (for 8 trillion dollars) feature film - Official Trailer - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYfn4CqChqo bornagain77
Most traditional interpretations assume, as yu know, that the serpent is this guy. That’s consistent with the prophecy that Eve’s offspring will bruise the serpent’s head. The text certainly does not envision the Big Broad smashing the hapless snake’s head with a club, in Johnny Hart’s B.C. funnies. Yet curiously Hart became a Christian late in life - and one is tempted to muse about “cultural memory” because there are old allegorical paintings against sin showing Mary and the young child Jesus stomping serpents (sins, of course). The principle on which they are portrayed as hating snakes is rational, not irrational. As i said, curious. News
"And the man calleth his wife's name Eve: for she hath been mother of all living." http://bible.cc/genesis/3-20.htm Yet Adam and other living creatures preceded Eve. Even the serpent. Which was in fact a literal serpent. That's why it was talking. Mung

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