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Putting Evolution on the Defensive

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The first of two New York Times articles on ID: go here. This one by Jodi Wilgoren covers the political aspects of the debate. An upcoming one by Kenneth Chang focuses on the science.

Hello William, Great site. I read the NYT piece. Overall, a surprising amount of ground covered on a topic that no one expects them to address. However, the first 5 or so paragraphs have enough "warning labels" (Conservative, Christian, Right-Wing, Christian Right, etc...) preceding the names of ID proponents that a lazy consumer of news will have his mind made up about it before he's halfway through it. Can't say I'm surprised though. I plan to do a piece on my blog about ID soon. I'm still reading up on it and plan to spend a lot more time on your site. I'm very interested in ID's almost Socratic approach to teaching origins. The dogmatic knee jerk we see from the Liberal establishment means ID must be a force to contend with! Keep up the good work! bohemianlikeyou bohemianlikeyou
It looks like they were trying to appear fair and balanced, but still paint you all as religious nuts. It seemed like they focused nearly entirely on religious affiliations and nothing on the research you all are conducting. This was a great gem: "The following year, they successfully urged changes to textbooks in Texas to weaken the argument for evolution" The obvious overtones here are that the DI was trying to "hide" the evidence for evolution, rather than show the arguments against detracting from it. johnnyb
Yes, I find myself opposed to most of the causes which the Discovery Institute seems to embrace. Nevertheless, as Dr. Ted Peters has already said, ""I find William Dembski's writing and argumentation on behalf of intelligent design to be careful, erudite, thorough and a formidable challenge to the theistic evolution camp I normally defend." Jonathan Wells' religious affilitation is appalling to me. But I take his points in Icons of Evolution. Lutepisc

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