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Recent forum on ID at University of Iowa

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Here are two short articles from the Iowa State Daily. One was from just before the forum and the other just after.



A LOT of theologians have bailed on their own subject in order to look more "reasonable" to the rest of academia. I'm more and more convinced that Academia is a place where people who crave popularity go so they can be well-liked. All they have to do is follow the crowd in a few areas, and be wierd in a few others, and they can be "well-respected". johnnyb
Why is it that in this debate the only religious professor there was speaking AGAINST ID? It was that nutjob, Avalos...who is obsessed with Gonzalez. It's rather hypocritical how that side brought a religious studies professor...! The psychology professor who claimed that ID was an idea used by those in biblical times is absurd. He said that NOTHING has changed since then. Hello- we didn't have genetics back then, we didn't have biology, we didn't have DNA, we didn't have any of this stuff. To claim nothing has changed since biblical times in this regard made him look like a fool. jboze3131

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