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Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral Weighs in on ID (indirectly)

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Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral is doing a multimillion-dollar multimedia production trying to reconcile science and religion. Check out this report: http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/features/20050616-9999-lz1c16crystal.html.

I thought the article itself was well written and presented everything in an even handed manner. It's always encouraging to me to see a newspaper that doesn't take sides. I'd sure like to see the show. It looks like an amazing production. I lived in Orange County for almost 20 years. It made me a little nostalgic thinking of the Crystal Cathedral which is a landmark visible from quite a distance. DaveScot
What a gross mischaracterization of both sides of the debate: "I love the fact that it remains a mystery," said Carol Schuller Milner, the creator of "Creation" and daughter of the cathedral's founder, the Rev. Robert Schuller. "I think one of the errors that both science and faith have fallen into is when they stop observing and they stop seeking, and they stop allowing themselves to be mystified – and both sides say this is how it is." nostrowski

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