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Telic Thoughts defends the late John Davison

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Those who have only just heard of or only vaguely remember non-Darwinian biologist John Davison (1928-2012) will find some of the comments at ID-friendly Telic Thoughts interesting.

Chunkdz directs us to his published paper on his Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis., and informs a fellow who wonders what anyone saw in the man,

My personal impression of John is that he was an academic who openly questioned Darwinism, published his hypothesis, and was promptly insulted and ridiculed by rude Dawkins sycophants and culture warriors like yourself. Rather than cower and shut up he instead stood up to the bullies and let them have it. In spades. All along maintaining a generous sense of humor and a proper regard for mindless culture warriors of all stripes – that proper regard being absolutely no regard whatsoever.

It is that spirit that I celebrate here.

Tom Bethell’s essay on the “I’m a good girls” brought Davison’s troubles immediately to mind. He seems to have had many such colleagues (of both sexes).

Note: “I’m a good girls” are female scientists who want the world to know that they profess Darwin and never question the establishment or authority. Let’s just say that they are not going to be the next Lynn Margulis or Barbara McClintock. It is even more difficult for women than men to achieve much through conformity to established beliefs.

All I remember about Davison is he lambasted pseudonyms (for him this was a veiled argument from authority), turned every conversation into something about dogs being able to breed with each other (the word "karyology" comes to mind), and got banned from UD twice. tragic mishap

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