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THE DESIGN OF LIFE COLLECTION is a spectacular journey to uncover stunning evidence for intelligent design in the animal kingdom. It includes three feature length documentariesIncluding Metamorphosis: the Beauty and Design of Butterflies, FLIGHT: The Genius of Birds, and LIVING WATERS: Intelligent design in the Oceans of the Earth. For more information visit: www.DesignOfLife.org

From Illustra Media

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One Reply to “THE DESIGN OF LIFE COLLECTION—Official Trailer

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    Robert Byers says:

    This looks like a great gift for Christmas for youths, kids, and thoughtful people who are aware of design and origin contentions and questions.
    Actually this YEC creationist sees marine mammals as land creatures adapting to cleaned out seas after the flood. Yet their adaption is impossible from thousands of small slow steps as thinkers point out.
    Yet other mechanisms are there as options tio be figured out.

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