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The dinosaurs got smart: In one version, they excelled at Texas Hold ‘Em …

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Duplicitous beasts.

In “What if there were another advanced species?: Would we break bread with our brainy cohabitants or be locked in battle?” (MSNBC, January 21, 2012), Natalie Wolchover offers a romp between “competition for resources would cause us to fight, constantly” and “we were taught to avoid one another,” with a pause at “Could another group of highly intelligent Earthlings someday arise?”

Science fiction and fantasy have done it all. But in different stories. In another version, the dinosaurs got religion, but it all revolved around a petrified tree trunk from the Cretaceous, on behalf of which they vowed to kill humans. And the outcome was that they all got nuked …

History takes place only among real actors who help write their own story in real time.

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