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The Evolution of Human Skin Pigmentation


Is this politically correct? Hmmm…

[youtube d4KcRMTKImQ]

I have to comment n run. "Finch beaks." I agree. This is a good example of the extent to which evolution can operate. Is the pigment difference neutral? Notice changes are only advantageous within climates in which they occurred. bb
Anthony09 @ 4, It is evidence of the Darwinian 'Special Theory of Evolution' which nobody doubts, not even young earth creationists. But by no means is it evidence of the Darwinian 'General Theory of Evolution', the "theory that all the living forms in the world have arisen from a single source." The last section on how evolutionists have now given us a reason not to be racist disgusted me. Does that woman not know how evolutionary theory has been used to justify racist acts up to and including genocide? Janice
Anthony09, " it’s pretty darn strong evidence for Darwinian evolution." Actually, this is exactly the kind of thing that I think is totally driven by Darwinian evolution -- modification of the frequency of existing alleles. It be the creation of some new alleles (alleles that are different by one or two aminos I'll give to the theory), and especially the creation of new genes that I don't think is within the capacity of neo-Darwinism. bFast
Finch beaks. bfast@2, So, you think natives take themselves to seriously? :) IRQ Conflict
What's politically incorrect about it? Anyway, it's pretty darn strong evidence for Darwinian evolution. Anthony09
Hmmm, should have listened to the end of the clip before commmenting. She covers the northern peoples farely well. bFast
As one who lives in the sub-arctic, I find these findings to be somewhat spurious. Consider the most northerly peoples -- the first nation(indian) and inui(eskimo) peoples are all fairly dark skinned people. As these groups have lived north of 60 for in the order of 20 thousand years, one would think that they would have lightened up by now. bFast
Very interesting. Depending on the number of point mutations required to bring about the various skin pigmentation regimes (and I wish this information had been made available in the movie), this could actually be an example of genuine Darwinian evolution. If on the other hand the number of required point mutations to the skin pigmentation gene(s) is greater than two, this becomes an admirable example of careful planning by the designer(s). Bruce David

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