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The Evolution of the Evolutionary Informatics Lab Website

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Isn’t evolution swell …

DATCG, It is funny that in my attempt to get an aesthetically appealing design, I ended up encoding the Fibonacci numbers. I added and removed dots until I found a pattern that was visually appealing...and this happened to be related to the Fibonacci sequence. I guess it is one more example of Phi as a measure of beauty. Atom
Haha... well, the subconscious is a pre-determined darwinian outcome, doncha know ;-) good job Atom. DATCG
AussieID, If I were nearby I'd love to stop by. :) (Though I may have trouble getting to Australia...) DATCG, You're right, that is the Fibonacci sequence in the columns (if we include the globe on the far left), though I didn't do it consciously. Subconsciously, perhaps. But it wans't intentional on my part. Atom
pardon, bad english, 12 out of 24 globes, w/13 hidden which light up in different sequences of signals. DATCG
nice design Atom... well thought out, ease of use and attractive to the eye. Is the round globes on the right purposely the set of Fibanacci numbers beginning from one on the left 0 1 1 2 3 5? ;-) Interestingly lit are 12 out of 24 hidden globes. DATCG
Wow. Looks like this site went through an adaptive valley before reaching a higher adaptive peak. That's evidence for genetic drift right there! Green
Hey Atom, Nice work on the website. My daughter's having her eleventh birthday soon. Do you do invites to parties as well? ;o) Cheers AussieID
You totally sold me. Evolution FTW! tragic mishap
Great! Look what you guys done now! You inadvertently destroyed ID Theory. The video above shows that the site could have evolved on its own since the video didn't show any unspecified designer (God) in action. Now I have no ID arguments left. We must be in one of those multiverses where the set of laws were just the laws needed to generate the genetic algorithm that Atom refers to above in comment 1. Great guys ... just great ... But, seriously now, awesome job on the new look Atom and congrats to Dr. Dembski, Marks and others for the continued work and publishing. CJYman
Thanks for your careful work, Atom. You directed a host of mutations, and the site is much fitter now! Lutepisc
I feel like a sucker spending so much time coding the site when there was a simple genetic algorithm that could have produced a site just like mine for me! Could have saved me a lot of work! Atom Atom

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