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The Simpsons: Evolution Intro

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For the best documentary on our human ancestors, I'd say it would be 1 Million Years BC scordova
I think the best part was the devolution of moe. I see that happening to people all the time, if not physical then mental and/or social mattoman
Oh, well I don't like it as much without the yellow... bork
Notice the icon of a meteor wiping out the dinosaurs, giving rise to the mammals. That icon was recently knocked down as well. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/03/070328155632.htm Jehu
This is how evolution looks in the minds of orthodox darwinians, albeit perhaps not in yellow. Acquiesce
I think this is awesome. This is exactly how I want to have evolved. :-) bork
The "cartoon version" of macroevolution is the only one possible. niwrad
ever see Disney's Fantasia? They have a sequence really similar. It's literally the "Cartoon version" of evolution. Fross
I don't think this is propaganda one way or the other. Actually seeing it happen shows how absurd it is.. Biological Alchemy. DanielJ
More propaganda Mats
The proof I was looking for all my life finally is found: Evolution is true. Long live Matt Groening who "found" the proof. (Well of course he made the proof, but it is way more convincing than Piltdown man and the best proof I have ever seen in my whole life) ErnstMayer

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