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Trilobite caught in act of molting

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From 365 Million-Year-Old Fossil Catches Trilobite in the Act of Molting:

In shedding it’s armored exoskeleton, the fossilized creature was molting. Molting is without a doubt one of nature’s most incredible acts. Every so often, certain creatures cast off parts of their bodies in a process of biological renewal. Cats and dogs do it with their fur (often shedding hair all over your sofa). Chickens do it with their feathers. Snakes do it with their skin. Most remarkably, many arthropods, including spiders, crabs, and insects, discard their entire exoskeleton! Ripping themselves out of their bodies in an unnerving and alien manner, they emerge revitalized and renewed, leaving behind a near-complete husk of their former selves.

This happened 365 million years ago. So, “evolution” becomes less and less blathering theory, more and more like historical fact, abut which there can be honest debate.

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In shedding it’s armored exoskeleton,
In shedding it is armored exoskeleton, Cringe. . cantor

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