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Tyrannosaur lunch: Another tyrannosaur

tyrannosaur bite marks/Matthew McLain

‘Twas ever thus:

A nasty little 66-million-year-old family secret has been leaked by a recently unearthed tyrannosaur bone. The bone has peculiar teeth marks that strongly suggest it was gnawed by another tyrannosaur. The find could be some of the best evidence yet that tyrannosaurs were not shy about eating their own kind.

Serrated teeth rule out crocodiles and point directly to a theropod dinosaur like T. rex. The fact that the only large theropods found in the Lance Formation are two tyrannosaurs –Tyrannosaurus rex or Nanotyrannus lancensis — eliminates all interpretations but cannibalism, explained McLain, who will be presenting the discovery on 1 Nov. at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Baltimore.

Even without knowing the size of the eater, it may be easy to say which species of tyrannosaur was eating, because, according to McLain, many paleontologists believe Nanotyrannus were really juvenile T. rex.

File:A small cup of coffee.JPG Could that kind of thing hastened the dinosaurs’ demise at the close of the Cretaceous?

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