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Whales illustrate intelligent design


Some UK opinions for/against ID in The Herald:

“It seems to me that the atheistic contributors to the debate on intelligent design ignore one essential point which none of them seems to want to confront. In an examination of the question of our genesis, one fact is ignored: all speculation, analysis and conjecture as to the nature and genesis of our universe is carried out by means of the mind and of the intelligence which mankind possesses. Any conclusion reached is an expression of belief. . . . ” See full Letter Whales provide illustration of the evidence for intelligent design

Well, even though they can't claim the appendix is useless, some will claim that the new-found function of the appendix is evidence for evolution, like what happened on my blog. professorsmith
Thanks for the article. The suckling of baby whales was fascinating...I wonder,,,is there a list somewhere that includes such fascinating and exotic features of diverse species? As well, The popular Icon of vestigial whale legs? .... some modern whales have a pair of bones embedded in their tissues, each of which strengthens the pelvic wall and acts as an organ anchor. Carl Wieland- 1998 Seems like the useless leftover legs actually have purpose in the whale! With the appendix finding purpose in humans it seems the Evolutionists seem to be running out of vestigial parts to point to as proof for their cherished lie! bornagain77

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