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What’s up at Reasons to Believe?


Fuz Rana and Hugh Ross, who head up Reasons to Believe (RTB), have issued a press release in which they extol Judge Jone’s decision in the Dover case in coming down against ID: go here for the press release. I’ve already commented on RTB’s distancing itself from ID before on this blog (go here).

Rana and Ross seem happy enough to see ID guillotined by Judge Jones’s ruling, but seem not to appreciate that their own necks are equally in danger. Jones’s ruling canonizes methodological naturalism as the essence of science and thus rules out their “creation model” as much as it rules out intelligent design.

In their press release, Rana and Ross invoke Nobel laureate Richard Smalley, who died this fall. I had lunch with Smalley shortly before his death (I blogged his death here and our lunch conversation here). In our conversation Smalley remarked that he saw ID as being mainstreamed in the scientific community within the next five years. Note that in our conversation he referred specifically to ID being mainstreamed, not to Rana and Ross’s “creation model” being mainstreamed. (That conversation was witnessed by several people, so it’s easy enough to verify that I’m not making this up.)