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Who are the true liberals?


Who are the true liberals, those for whom neither tolerance nor skepticism are applied selectively, much less prejudicially? I received the following email a few days ago from one such true liberal.

To: william.dembski@[snip]
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005 14:38:56 -0500
From: [snip]@[snip]
Subject: Debating ID in the Media

Dear Mr Dembski:

As a political liberal who not long ago went over to
the ID side, I want to encourage you, M Behe, and a
few other leading proponents to get more
aggressive about having your voice heard in the
lib-oriented media, print and electronic.

Today, for instance, I heard Allen Orr get 15
minutes unopposed on liberal Air America Radio’s
Al Franken Show.

Why not contact them and ask for equal time
and/or a debate with Orr?

It’s great that NPR’s Science Friday has
occasionally allowed you and Behe to debate
(though as I recall, it was one IDer vs 2 Darwinists,
plus anti-ID Ira Flatow, which makes 3 vs 1).

But don’t underestimate the power of AAR, a new
lib network since 04, to get out the fascinating ID
message. I think their listeners would be rather
stunned to hear you or Behe or similar not
remotely sounding like anti-scientific biblical
creationists, which is the current stereotype they
have of you and the ID movement (and to my
regret, I cannot shake my lib friends from this
ignorant generalization).

Please consider contacting AAR (or Pacifica
Radio/Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now) to ask for
your 15 minutes, or more….


former Darwinist

ID isn't a complicated concept. Liberals already know what it is. They're calling it psuedo-science and/or religion to further a left wing agenda and don't care whether their labels are true or not. As long as conservatives support ID then liberals will oppose it on principle in any manner they can. That's why I think trying to spoonfeed them the facts is useless. Moderates with open minds are the target rich environment and none of those listen to Air America Radio. On the other hand, there's really no need to win over more minds. 66% of the voters already agree that ID had a hand in creating life on this planet. All that needs to be done now is get them to vote Darwin's stranglehold as the only valid theory of evolution out of public education. It's just a matter of time. The institution that takes the longest to respond to the majority's wishes is the federal judiciary with their lifetime appointments. Those courts are the only leg that Darwin has left to stand on today. DaveScot
Just avoid Howard Stern, and you'll be fine. ;) Its just a matter of preparation. You would have to know whether the arena you were going into was friendly, hostile, or neither. Lets imagine that the environment is loaded with uber hostile assumptions which show up in the questions ("Why do you religious fanatics keep on peddling scientifically discredited theories?" "Why do you want to destroy America?" "Wow, you are real live bigot, aren't you?" etc.), then the opportunity is put in stark relief. You can address the real issues that motivated the loaded questions (that ID asks valid questions for scientific inquiry, that 'religious' is simply poisoning the well, that neo-Darwinians are apparently afraid of the facts). Adversity ennobles the (intellectually, spiritually) armed. ariel
I wouldn't pass up opportunities to communicate what ID actually is to political liberals. It's not as if liberal automatically means anti-ID, or that ID is an inherently "conservative" concept, and there's no reason that being liberal should keep a person from considering the issues ID brings up. We've got at least a few writing for our blog ( http://telicthoughts.com ). However, I have to agree with the suspicion that going on the Al Franken show would likely result in a particularly nasty ambush. I'm not that familiar with AAR's other programming though. Maybe there is a show on there where you could get at least a semi-fair hearing. Personally, I'd think that NPR is generally the better route, in large part because they have much better ratings. Deuce
Air America Radio would just ambush you somehow. No one except the loony left listens to it and darn few of them judging by its abysmal share in the few markets its in. Michelle Malkin has some recent numbers below. http://michellemalkin.com/archives/001631.htm AAR is the bottom of the barrel even for liberals. It's beneath your dignity in my opinion and would be counter-productive. The top shelf would be Bill O'Reilly and that's where you're headed before long as ID continues to pick up steam in the national dialog. Your name has already been mentioned on The O'Reilly Factor. I would put forward that are far more conservatives and moderates ready and willing to abandon Darwin when presented with a reasoned alternative than there are liberals willing to do the same. Speaking on Air America Radio before you've done the big network shows I fear would just taint you. P.S. The comment edit box is fixed! Of course you must already know that. DaveScot

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