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Why are eggs shaped the way they are?

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Breathtaking engineering:

Egg-shape has long attracted the attention of mathematicians, engineers, and biologists from an analytical point of view. The shape has been highly regarded for its evolution as large enough to incubate an embryo, small enough to exit the body in the most efficient way, not roll away once laid, is structurally sound enough to bear weight and be the beginning of life for so many species. The egg has been called the “perfect shape.”

Analysis of all egg shapes used four geometric figures: sphere, ellipsoid, ovoid, and pyriform (conical or pear-shaped), with a mathematical formula for the pyriform yet to be derived.

To rectify this, researchers introduced an additional function into the ovoid formula, developing a mathematical model to fit a completely novel geometric shape characterized as the last stage in the evolution of the sphere-ellipsoid, which it is applicable to any egg geometry.

This new universal mathematical formula for egg shape is based on four parameters: egg length, maximum breadth, shift of the vertical axis, and the diameter at one quarter of the egg length.

This long sought-for universal formula is a significant step in understanding not only the egg shape itself, but also how and why it evolved, thus making widespread biological and technological applications possible.

University of Kent, “A universal equation for the shape of an egg” at ScienceDaily (August 31, 2021) The paper is currently open access.

A marvel of unacknowledged engineering.

11 Replies to “Why are eggs shaped the way they are?

  1. 1
    Seversky says:

    So they fit perfectly in the egg boxes we buy at the supermarket?

  2. 2
    anthropic says:

    Good point. Egg cartons are intelligently designed for eggs, which is why they do the job so well.

  3. 3
    martin_r says:

    Seversky, you think you are funny?

    By the way, Darwinists have to shows us what other shapes were there before this perfect shape…. in other words, people like you have to believe in another miracle, that blind unguided natural process developed the perfect shape at the first attemp…. like honey bee combs( space-efficient and strong) …. another miracle, here you also have to believe that these perfect shapes are always developed by unguided natural process at the first attempt…. you never see the alleged trial-error process in fossil record….. never…. everything always comes perfectly designed …. Darwinists believe in miracles

    PS: i as an engineer never understood, how a rational 21st century person can think that the shape and built-precision of honeybee combs could be a product of some blind unguided process… how someone who is not mentaly ill can think of such irrational things… however, i understand why darwianian biologists- natural science graduates- think that this easily can be done… these guys never made anything, not even honeybee combs…. these naive romantics….

  4. 4
    martin_r says:

    Darwinists also have to show us, how much time did it take till the puffer fish was trained enough to start creating 3D art with such a geometrical precission, moreover, underwater where are strong currents that destroy everything….underwater, where everything is even more complicated….or, are we looking at another darwinian miracle- where tiny fish knew how to create these signs/nest with such a precision at the first attempt?


  5. 5
    Silver Asiatic says:

    martin_r @ 4
    That is truly amazing.

  6. 6
    martin_r says:

    SA @5

    it is a kind of funny story. Divers who discovered these carvings thought that some other divers are doing it… (i was wondering why would someone think that humans are doing it /irony off)

    Yeah, it is crazy … this fish alone falsify the theory of evolution … i am 100% sure, that this fish is hardcoded to create these carvings, i am pretty sure, this tiny male fish does not even see what he is doing … hardcoded, by the Creator.

  7. 7
    Silver Asiatic says:


    So true. One small fish doing this incredible thing and … poof, there goes Darwin.
    On a quick search, I don’t see any science even attempting to explain it. One guy said it evolved just like various bird dances – so, no problem. 🙂 It’s like carnivorous plants – all living alongside normal plants, no need for competition, but supposedly they evolved to first use sophisticated capture then digest insects.
    The comments on the puffer fish video have everyone saying basically “how cool” — and nobody thinks about how it supposedly evolved. Someone will come along and say “it evolved through the patterned movement of the fish and extension of fins in the sand” and everybody will just nod their heads as if that made sense.

  8. 8
    aarceng says:

    An excellent observation.

  9. 9
    martin_r says:

    SA, one more thing

    Puffer fish 3D art is a pretty recent discovery. Of course, Darwin had no idea… i doubt he scuba dived….most 21st century people have no idea… moreover, it can be found only in same places in Japan

    PS: indeed, when i first came across this video, i looked up the Nature paper on this, i can assure you, no word on how it may have evolved… the thing is, that most lay people cant appreciate what is this fish doing…. they have no education and/or mental capacity to comprehend … like you said, “cool” that is all what most layman people can say about it… but in fact, this fish is an engineering masterpiece

  10. 10
    Silver Asiatic says:

    Martin – thinking back on it – and I want to share the video with family and friends – it’s a spectacular thing with such clear evidence of hard-coding, as you said. Beehives are similar – however someone could (foolishly) say that it’s a functional thing so evolution just creates tightly structured and perfectly functional beehives for survival. But this underwater art work is so incredible and unique — and it’s just extravagant beauty. What, the fish couldn’t reproduce like the millions of others without creating 3D art in the sand? And there’s some gradualist explanation? “First the fish started with a single line – and that really attracted the attention of females. So, obviously, a full 3D prismatic, perfectly circular etching evolved from that”. ??? And there’s some beneficial mutations, of course, that created the designing mechanism in the fish – lol. It’s a totally bankrupt and idiotic theory. It should have zero credibility and just be laughed-at, but incredibly it’s still treated like sacred doctrine.

  11. 11
    martin_r says:

    SA @10

    What, the fish couldn’t reproduce like the millions of others without creating 3D art in the sand?

    good point …. like you said, the Darwinian theory of evolution – it is totally bankrupt and idiotic theory… also, a very offensive (no offence)

    Yes please, share this video with your family and friends. Through the years, i shared it some many times …. unfortunately, and like i said, most people just can’t appreciate this feat (they just see a ‘cool’ 3D art ) …

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