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Game changer in evolution studies?

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Darwin's Doubt

Game changer for the study of evolution?

Yes, what did happen in the Cambrian period, when it seems like the whole history of life started to unfold half a billion years ago? Why then, why not earlier or later?

(Oh, by the way, here, we are still waiting for New Scientist to announce that nothing at all happened then, just as they recently announced that Earth is not favourably positioned for life.

I see where Mt. Holyoke paleontologist Mark McMenamin is calling Steve Meyer’s new book, Darwin’s Doubt, a “game-changer for the study of evolution.”

Something had better be. Darwinism has pretty much run its course as an opportunity for big hair types to spout against doubt.

That’s all very well and good but now legitimate doubt had better have a turn at the table.

Some of us remember when Darwin’s Christians at BioLogos got Francisco Ayala to review Meyer’s earlier book Signature in the Cell (Harper One, 2009) without apparently reading it.

But why would Ayala have read it? If BioLogos’s followers will fall down and worship at the very sound of Darwin’s name, it is not necessary for those folk to actually know stuff about the history of life. They can just make up Darwin stories that sound about right, the way Haeckel’s embryos looked right (but were typical Darwin fakes).


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