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Evolutionary psychology: Lots of thoughtful folk are getting leery of it

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Here is my post at Examiner on why. I thought it would never happen, actually. But I should have remembered – all psychology fads are inherently ridiculous because they are attempts to evade the depth of the human condition with some silly new idea. They collapse under the weight  of their own folly.

If beneficial physical adaptations increase the chances of survival then why should the same not be true for psychological adaptations? The human mind is nothing if not malleable. Perhaps some of the speculations in this field are more fanciful than others but that doesn't mean they are all wrong. In fact, it does not mean that any of them are wrong. There are three problems with the Examiner article: first, the quotes are not attributed, second, the links simply lead to other commentary by the same author and, three, there is nothing in the body of the article to justify the headline claim that a lot of people are getting leery about evolutionary psychology. It may be true but there is nothing there to back it up. Seversky
Denyse, I will make the same point as I have been doing recently on anything to do with evolutionary psychology. All had to be embedded in the species before it left Africa about 100,000 years ago. If it is genetic, then it would have been impossible for it to enter afterwards as the species spread all over the world. If it isn't genetic, then it is just psychology and has nothing to do with biology. So it is way before the Stone Age, when whatever homo sapiens was supposed to be wandering the savannas of Africa 100,000 years ago in small groups of hunter gatherers. So did this species have religion, altruism, cooperative behavior or whatever the latest fad says they had in the high grasses. jerry

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