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Evolutionary psychology, on why we have lips

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No claimed reasons turn out to be very informative, but…

from BBC News:

While his studies are quite obviously limited by focusing on American college students, when placed alongside the cross-cultural data and evidence from animal research, it seems reasonable to conclude that the close contact that kissing offers facilitates a good deal of sniffing. Whether we’re aware of it or not, kissing may allow us to judge the potential suitability of those we desire.

And that’s why the occasional chapped lip, or mistaken bite of this hypersensitive part of the body, is all worth it.

Case you wondered. Brits pay for this. See also: evolutionary psychology

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the link didn't work for me. kissing is nothing more then a attempt to draw souls together. One opens ones mouth as if to swallow someone else. to bring them close to inside you. Your heart. The lips just make it soft and a natural thing. lips for eating are a more controlled operation over what food/drink we swallow. They slow down what we put in ourselves. crocs don't have lips because they swallow whole without any need to hesitate. lips are to examine quick what we eat. Simple mechanism by a God who combines things for our health and pleasure. Robert Byers
Relevant documentary on the many uses of lips. JoeCoder

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