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Finally someone takes evolutionary psychology seriously…


Seriously enough to realize that it is not really a discipline in science:

Smith points out a critical distinction between contemporary animal psychology and evolutionary psychology for humans (p. 43). Chimpanzees today live pretty much as they did millions of years ago. It is reasonable to think that their present behavior is inherited from their past behavior. Human life, by contrast, has vastly changed since the Stone Age. So we don’t have a basis for making the same assumptions.

It feels odd, somehow, that strongly committed evolutionists are so reluctant to accept the idea of actual, permanent change.

Rejecting evolutionary psychology means realizing that we cannot both claim to represent “Science!” and refuse to be bound by its standards.

News, “Philosopher flattens evolutionary psychology” at Mind Matters News

There is no such thing as a fossil mind.

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Why does our behavior have to all stem from the Stone Age and only the Stone Age? It’s apparently that we were blank slates or didn’t exist until the Stone Age and then suddenly the Stone Age happened and all of our behaviors appeared chiseled in Stone never to change AaronS1978

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