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How men evolved to wear cufflinks


<em>Cufflinks</em> - Sparring Hares Further to “Men probably evolved beards for intimidation … ”* at Real Clear Science philosopher and photographer Laszlo Bencze fills us in on the breakiest story in evo psych:

The Cornull University “Evolution in Action” study group headed by Dr. Davidson Petney has just released an abstract of their latest results. They have discovered a gene-linked trait in certain men of Eastern European descent which causes them to prefer cuff links over cuff buttons.

<em>Cufflinks</em> - Sparring Hares

This trait has been demonstrated to result in a reproductive advantage because women of wealth and discernment are more attracted to cuff link wearing men than those who rely upon buttons. The typical woman who is drawn to cuff link men is described as “a Bette Davis/Greta Garbo phenotype.” Conversely women attracted to button wearing men are categorized as being the “Marilyn Monroe/Syliva Plath phenotype.” Dr. Petney extrapolates that by the year 2100 more than 70% of Caucasian men will resemble Cary Grant and 55% of all women will “Want to be alone.”

Racer <em>Cufflinks</em> - Cyclists Wow. Is there a Nobel Prize type of award for evo psych?

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There’s a gene for that… or is there?

* There you have it. An evolutionary explanation for Santa Claus!

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I'm sure its a joke at the source. No one would make that prediction. The eastern european thing is suspicious. There is no such type of people. April fools eh. I think all hair on peoples bodies is just from a hair trigger responce of the bodies long ago to being wet. The men were outdoors far more then the women and instantly this reaction took place. Adam probably had no beard or hair on the body except the head. If that. Robert Byers
I wear cufflink so I am fit and I am fit because I wear cufflinks! I really do wear cufflinks! Andre

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