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The jaw-dropping brilliance of evolutionary psychology: Darwin explains wife-beating

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From Wendy Zukerman, “Domestic violence gets evolutionary explanation” (New Scientist September 2011):

Each year more than 500,000 women in the US alone report to the police violent attacks by current or former male partners. There is a reason why domestic violence is so widespread, says David Buss, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Texas in Austin: it carries a selective advantage, tied with reproductive success. In other words, men who are violent are trying to make sure that their partner has his child and not another man’s.

Does that also explain men who violently force their wives to abort their own children, that they know are theirs?

Sure! Darwinism explains everything.

By the way, where are the Christian Darwinists when these things surface? We still got the legal right to wonder why the sandals-off types are never around when we face these problems.

Mr. Buss apparently has no idea what he's talking about regarding domestic violence.
"There are very predictable circumstances in which violence occurs," says Buss. "For instance, with the threat of sexual infidelity or the threat of relationship termination."
DV happens to women of all walks of life, in all stages of relationships, including happily married with the wife trying to please her husband in any way possible. Read this book (Surviving Domestic Violence) and try to tell yourself that DV is "predictable" OR that it happens because the man is consciously or subconsciously trying to pass on his genes. There is also tons of evidence that many DV tendencies are not heritable - when children of domestic violence offenders are separated from that environment at a young enough age, they tend not to exhibit the violent behaviors at a much higher rate than normal. It the majority of cases, DV is a conscious, organized, intentional, pre-planned pattern used by the abuser to exhibit power and control over the victim. It is not nearly the same as instinctively being aroused by an attractive member of the opposite sex It's just another hot load of garbage from evo psych. I'm sure there is an equally acclaimed article that explains why some husbands are good to their wives and how that helped it proliferate in the population. uoflcard
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