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We didn’t know anyone still thought evo psych was still cool


See vid below. Figures it’d be some U tenures as per below, but …

Once a while back, a rabbi wrote me and asked why, succinctly I didn’t believe evo psych had anything to offer.

Well, apart from issues around reason and logic?  I wrote back and said: If it is true that your behaviour and mine can be predicted on the basis of what supposedly happened on the African savannah a million years ago but not on the basis of the founding of human civilizations, Judaism, Christianity, Western culture, and (in my case) Canada—that would mean evolution does not happen.

In a million years, nothing happened.

Now, I don’t care much whether evolution happens or not. I mean, take the politics out of it and—I just dunno.

But if I thought evolution was important, I sure wouldn’t be backing a dead horse in the stable like evolutionary psychology.

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goodusername at 2: And just about whatever the evo psychs DO claim specifically turns out to be the angst of the moment of current media. They probably wouldn't recognize any justifiable claim they DID have because they never get far enough past pop culture for that. It's not that they are always wrong but, like the Freudians, how would anyone outside the cult know? The horse is dead. You won't win the Derby flogging it. News
In a million years, nothing happened.
Umm, evo psych doesn't say, or imply, such a strange thing. That'd be like claiming that when someone says that we have modern anatomical signs that are evidence of our fish-ancestor, that they're claiming that we haven't evolved in half a billion years. They do say that there are aspects of our psychology that were adaptations to circumstances in pre-civilization times (i.e. several thousand years ago), but even that wouldn't mean that nothing has changed since that time. So it wouldn't even be accurate to say that they're claiming that we haven't changed in 10,000 years. goodusername
Didn't you know Justice evolved? Grew out of injustice of course just as mercy got the better of vengeance - all from nature red in tooth and claw ;-) Stephen Sparrow

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