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Attention Darwinpickets! Advance screening of Ben Stein’s controversial Expelled film at the Varsity theatre in Toronto

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I have been invited to an advance screening of Expelled in Canada (the widely denounced #5 political documentary about the attempts to silence the intelligent design guys) on Thursday, June 26, at 7:00pm at The Varsity Theatre55 Bloor St. West in Toronto.

The film opens the following Friday June 27 (or Saturday June 28) at the Cineplex Odeon.

(People who know me may recall that I have sent numerous pointed communications to the Expelled team because they would not send me a DVD. But at Write! Canada [where I received a standing ovation – see “Intellectual freedom: Survival is design not chance”] I ran into, of all people, the screenwriter Kevin Miller. A fellow Canadian, he assured me that he couldn’t get a DVD either. Just shows you. The Expelled team better serve really good hors d’oeuvres at the advance screener. )

But now I wonder who will picket or try to crash? You know, I would love to sweep into the show, fanned by energetically waving picket signs. It beats paparazzi cold and makes up for not having a snow white ermine or designer gown.

Picket? Try to crash? There was a big hoo-haw over the screening at the Mall of the Americas when “raving atheist” biologist PZ Myers got ejected by line producer Mark Mathis.) Perhaps I will recognize some prominent Toronto figures strutting importantly on the sidewalk. I shall make a note to ask if the catering staff might be permitted to offer them animal crackers, OJ, and milk.

Picketers please note: There is a wide sidewalk, and plenty of coffee shops near the Varsity. The restrooms in the Cumberland Terrace are usually pretty clean too.

Also, be reassured, picketers! The government-funded Nanny Monster is always right, and she says that neither the universe nor life forms show evidence of design, despite the evidence. And in our random universe, the biggest Monster should rule, and that is She.

She said it. You believe it. That settles it! Hey!!

Now get out there and give our legacy media some good photo ops, will you? Most of you are supported by my tax dollars, among other things, and I deserve something for that. Try not to look too ragged, or people won’t believe that you are as important as you believe yourselves to be.

Insufficiently Nannied? Then see clips from the film here.

I understand that somewhere or other, a helpline is available for anyone who – on learning information that is new to them – has, like, Doubts. You can contact them through ohjustgrowup.com and other agencies dedicated to turning sludgeboys into good citizens.

From the invite,

In the film, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” author, former presidential speechwriter, economist, lawyer and actor Ben Stein examines the attempts of scientists to challenge the idea of Darwinism only to be expelled from the academic community.

More, from the presser:

Controversial feature documentary starring Ben Stein – opens across Canada – Friday, June 27, 2008

In a controversial new satirical documentary, author, former presidential speechwriter, economist, lawyer and actor Ben Stein travels the world, looking to some of the best scientific minds of our generation for the answer to the biggest question facing all Canadians and Americans today:

Are we still free to disagree about the meaning of life?

Or has the whole issue already been decided… while most of us weren’t looking?

Toronto) June 3, 2008 — It’s a movie that Ferris Bueller would take the day off to go see. What freedom-loving student wouldn’t be outraged to discover that his high school science teacher is teaching a theory as indisputable fact, and that university professors oppose any fellow scientists who dare question the prevailing system of belief? This isn’t the latest Hollywood comedy; it’s a disturbing new documentary that will shock anyone who thinks all scientists are free to follow the evidence wherever it may lead.

Recently, there was a special screening for Members of Parliament.

Other Post-Darwinist stories you can’t miss:

Intellectual freedom: Survival is design not chance. O’Leary’s plenary address to Write! Canada 2008, for which she received a standing ovation (hey, that’s better than a night in jail, let me tell you)

Canadian radio bureau chief: Yes, the campaign to suppress free speech in Canada does affect the United States

The Expelled film (#5 in political documentaries) is coming to 50 screens in Canada, … plus a surprise in two in store for Americans (Expelled haters, take heed)!

Bad, Latemarch puts it exactly as it is. Evolutionary materialists must put man at the center because there is no other authority of which to turn. ID puts a transcendental purpose at the center not human beings. In other words whatever significance human beings have in and of themselves, they owe it to a higher chain of command- a higher intelligence. You also said -
"People objected to it for misrepresenting the issues… for instance, in claiming that not promoting intellectual affirmative action is a form of discrimination."
The movie wasn't about affirmative action. That is an absurd statement. Anyone objecting to it for that reason is clearly nit picking a narrow interpretation of the movie to support their true point of disagreement which is over the position that “a minority opinion should be respected in science- and if not people should at least not be discriminated against for holding it as their own.” The counter to this position is of course that “ID is not science” but this is not an argument. If you look at the actual arguments for and against ID the conclusion is not clear cut- that is it's claims do fallow scientific standards and designations and still have not been refuted. The bottom line is that the movie documents the truth about the ideological political war that is being waged against anyone who accepts ID as their scientific explanation for the apparent design in nature and wishes to use this theory to guide their professional work. Affirmative action is no where to be found in this movie. No one is saying there needs to be X amount of ID advocates at ANY institution. The movie (if you even saw it) is about allowing people the freedom to peruse things along a reasonable logical line of inquiry without be persecuted for it. What we are talking about is malicious bigotry by those who hate the theory not on its scientific merits but because of it's necessary and possible implications. No scientific theory, by and large, should be rejected based on it's implications. Science is about methodologically finding "Truth" with the capital T; that is "factually" based Truth. And Expelled did nothing more than present and report “the facts” to the main stream so that they could make up their minds for themselves. The stories in this movie were not being reported by the slime like CNN, MSNBC or ABC- or any of the big news papers. Apparently they think Britney Spears’ and Paris Hilton’s pathetic behavior is more important news. Frost122585
Bad said: Frost: couldn’t one make an equal case that it’s evolution that fails to put man at the center of the universe, compared to ID? Seems like an awful subjective matter to me. Latemarch responds: Materialism and secular humanism are two sides of the same coin. One makes so called "science" the measure of all things and the other makes man the measure of all things. ID on the other hand has the designer as the center of all things designed and not man. Bad said: I also don’t think your characterization of the “only” objections people had to this movie are anywhere in the ballpark. People objected to it for misrepresenting the issues… for instance, in claiming that not promoting intellectual affirmative action is a form of discrimination. Latemarch responds: Promoting intellectual affirmative action? No one is asking them to promote Id, just tolerate it. Latemarch
Frost: couldn't one make an equal case that it's evolution that fails to put man at the center of the universe, compared to ID? Seems like an awful subjective matter to me. I also don't think your characterization of the "only" objections people had to this movie are anywhere in the ballpark. People objected to it for misrepresenting the issues... for instance, in claiming that not promoting intellectual affirmative action is a form of discrimination. Bad
Just thought you might be interested: Karl Giberson (author of Saving Darwin) just posted an extended (and somewhat unfriendly) comment about Intelligent Design on Science & Religion Today (http://scienceandreligiontoday.blogspot.com). He actually references Bill Dembski and the discussion going on at this site in the post as well. daniel.a.messier
What's up with the fonts? Are they broken? They have become really ugly???!!! CN
The aclu thing was a joke- They never do anything right anyways. My point is that when it comes to anything that questions man’s position at the center of the universe and (i.e. the possibility of the actual existence of an intelligent designer) or something higher than the state (i.e. a divine purpose or morals like "freedom") people in power seek to crush it at all costs to protect their ideologies and lifestyles. I have always found the Galileo story (which is use to show the idiocy of an anthropocentric would view (i.e. religion) to be a political Freudian projection of the anti-ID, anti-religious demagogues. We learned the classical Galileo story every freaking year through out school (grades 3- grad). The point of the story should be about politics not religion and science. The biblical concepts of the earth at the center of the universe can be, and should be, easily looked at as a metaphor of purpose and significance as opposed to physical local. So this idea that those religious leaders who opposed Galileo’s discoveries as being representative of most or all religious authority, or religion in general totality, is merely a politically oriented message about agenda not meaning, that is constantly being pushed. Ironically enough, to support my "man at the center Freudian projection" of the anti-ID crowed, is the global warming myth. Most people who oppose ID fall right for the global warming tabloid story (I.e. Bat Boy exists!). Why? Because they think man is the cause and object of all things- especially the bad ones. Frost122585
Frost [+ various numbers] there is no ACLU in Canada. There are at least 14 "human rights" commissions that shut down whatever they please whenever they want. For now ... Want to know how bad it can get? Go here for how a Canadian provincial government actually trolls for "complainers" by scaring new immigrants about entering one of the least violent societies in the world. [!!!] These kinds of officiators can get ideas of any kind shut down. It's who they are, basically. In their presence, normal human ideas of whatever kind fall down dead. But, Frost [I am not good with numbers], if you run into someone who thinks that no Canadians dissent (and especially someone who brays loudly on that theme), please stuff a red sock* in his mouth. Learn some of the words to O Canada - especially the fifth line, the "true north strong and free". After we Canadians have rid ourselves of a couple of zillion Nanny Monsters, we will be that again. I promise. *White sox are an acceptable sacrifice if no red sox are available. O'Leary
I don't know how you can just deny a controversy that is based on factual accounts of real documented and admitted events. It's ok to be of the opinion that there is no design in nature but it's not ok to lead a political crusade against all those who hold the opposite opinion, especially when their opinion is grounded in strong and cogent arguments. The only thing about this movie that people were really against is the due and fair respect it pays towards the current minority opinion (ID) in academia and science in general. Of course just because you are in the minority doesn't mean that your theory or opinion is wrong. Statistics and popularity alone are not an argument. Where is the ACLU? Haven’t minority rights been infringed by discrimination here? Yet it happens all the time. Frost122585
Thanks for the tip. No, I will not be the least surprised. I've seen such behaviour before. Charlie
Well, in your position, I would pester the people at Cineplex Odeon Canada. Obviously, the chain bosses believe the film exists because they claim that they will show it on identified dates, which is a zillion times more information than legacy pundits usually have. Don't overlook the possibility that local officiators will try to prevent you seeing this film. They live for such moments. O'Leary
Hi Denyse, I don't imagine you have this information but I think you're my best hope right now ... is there any listing specific cities and theatres yet? I don't find anything on their website. Charlie

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