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Expelled, despite predictions, has not expired


Well, Expelled, now back up and running legally, I guess, is still #5 in documentaries, and has grossed as of May. 29, 2008, $7,614,754. In theory, it can now be shown in Canada. There is much local punditry of the worthless “don’t see it!” variety – which is interesting in view of the show trial of commentator Mark Steyn currently in progress in Vancouver.

The unspeakables who would protect Canadians from anything that might upset or offend us are doing very nicely indeed with our “human rights” commissions. The picketers are carrying blank picket signs, of course. My comments are here

Here are some links from The Post-Darwinist on the Ono judgment: “Oh no, Ono! Judge rules, the film about the ID guys can still be shown”

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