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News of Great Barrier Reef’s death “greatly exaggerated”

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The Great Barrier Reef lies off the coast of Queensland
Great Barrier Reef, off Queensland, Australia

“Greatly exaggerated,” as Mark Twain put it, when informed of media accounts of his own death.

From Maria Gallucci at Mashable:

The good news is, relatively speaking, that the rest of the 1,400-mile-long coral reef is alive — severely threatened, yes, but not yet dead.

A widely shared “obituary” in Outside magazine last week inaccurately claimed that all of the Great Barrier Reef “passed away in 2016” after a brief battle with global warming and ocean acidification.

Huffington Post and other outlets soon set the record straight, clarifying that while most of the Australian reef is in serious trouble, we still have a fighting chance to rescue it from its deathbed. More.

It reminds some of us here of the Lazarus species: animals listed as extinct that turned up again.

The promoters of a-crock-a-lypses probably do more harm than good. All the successful conservation efforts I (O’Leary for News) have seen were dedicated, non-hysterical efforts by people familiar with an environment who knew how to prevent degradation.

Millions of hippies, yippies, and yuppies shouting in are a cure worse than the disease. After the shouting? Well, still more shouting.

One thinks of restoring Atlantic salmon to the inland rivers of Canada. Global sign wavers, go home. We can do this ourselves.

See also: Lazarus species: animals listed as extinct that turned up again.

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