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Comets brought life to Europa’s oceans?

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Source Region for Possible Europa Plumes
Jupiter’s moon Europa

Jupiter’s moon Europa has long been favoured as a possible site for life because of its underground oceans. This from Discovery.com

If alien life swims in the ocean beneath Europa’s icy surface, it might have got its start from comets cracking the icy shell to deliver vital pre-life ingredients, say researchers.

Imagine a geyser hundreds of kilometers high. Sound crazy? Well, on Jupiter’s moon they exist, and what these super geysers eject could give us invaluable insight into this unique, ice-covered planet.

New simulations show that a specific family of comets have the mass, velocity and opportunity to do the job — penetrating the full range of likely Europan ice thicknesses. More.

A comet getting through the ice depends on how thick it is at impact. But we don’t know whether any comets delivered pre-life ingredients; we only have a sim that says it’s possible. Rats.

Question: If we did not know there is life on Earth (let’s say we lived billions of km away), what possibility would a simulation offer?

NASA is hoping for a Europa mission. That’s what’s really needed to settle it, not simulation of possibilities, interesting as they may be.

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Maybe if we throw enough models at the origin of life… some of them will stick?

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Comets and asteroids are the answer to all the puzzles of the universe. How to explain the moon? An asteroid impact with quasi-miraculous tweaks. Can't explain the origin of the oceans? Again, comets/asteroids to the rescue. Surely the water was delivered via asteroids! Can't figure out how life evolved on earth? Comets to the rescue again. Dinosaur demise - again a comet/impact. Watch how often impacts are called upon to solve cosmological conundrums. It's amazing. Whenever one is necessary, they just dial it up and call it in to solve the problem. They are the Materialists "gods" and "workers of miracles".
Planetary scientists routinely send in the impactors to solve any problem found in our solar system.
http://crev.info/2014/09/impacts-creators-or-destroyers/ tjguy
Water Geysers on Europa Discovered by NASA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D249CYZ_wzE bornagain

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