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University course: Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Where Are They

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Yup. At University of Georgia.

Musing on the possibility of extraterrestrial (ET) intelligence in the vast universe is an interesting experience that most of us have had at least once in our lifetime. Most daydreams on ET do not pass the stage of simple abstraction because of lacking relevant knowledge and information. With this seminar course, students will (1) acquire basic knowledge about requirements for life in the universe; (2) estimate the probability of ET civilizations in our galaxy; (3) predict the success or failure of the on-going SETI program and actively participate in the debate on SETI; (4) understand the Fermi Paradox and possible solutions to the paradox; (5) critically evaluate UFO sightings, government cover-ups, and other similar hoaxes; (6) eventually become much more learned about the subject so that he/she can act as a main intellectual figure in any future ET dialogues they may have in the future. The course will not have exams; however, students are asked to make two presentations (about 4 minutes long each) and to submit 4-5 reports (a half page long each).

More courses that won’t lead to a job.

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The only reason to take it is as a easy credit. This is the education to lead us to the future!!! If its extensive then the option that we were created by God and meant to live forever and so reproduce forever and so be in our hundreds of billions eventually leads to a easy conclusion the universe is just made for human development should be taught. It is the original eternity we were meant to live in forever. Something went wrong and we are still stuck here. Sorry kids no ET's out there. Anywatys if so they probably have immigration laws. After all they would be more intelligent. Robert Byers

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