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Vatican astronomer says alien life wouldn’t disprove God


But whoever thought it would? As noted earlier, God could certainly create entire universes, founded on different principles from ours. But do we have any evidence that he did? If not, we cannot use such a claim to establish any proposition in science in our universe today.

The question that Br. Guy Consolmagno evades, as do many Catholic thinkers, is: What about the actual evidence for design in our universe where we have as much access to the facts as our commitment to the technology allows?

Then, at precisely the point where it matters, you start to see the obligatory fudging.

Some people make a living out of endless uncertainty.

See Christian Post

Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, the new president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation, discusses possibility of alien life forms.

The new president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation has said that it is only a matter of time before alien life forms are discovered, which will pave the way to questions about God’s relationship to intelligent beings outside our planet.

Hey, wait a minute: The absolutely overwhelming majority of life forms on our own planet are not “intelligent” in the sense he means.

Have we any reason to believe that if we discover life forms (as opposed to them contacting us) that they would be intelligent? Why?

Back in May, Roman Catholic Church leader Pope Francis mentioned alien life forms in one of his sermons, and suggested that even martians, should they visit Earth, would be welcomed to be baptized.

For heaven’s sakes, they’d more likely be needing burial in consecrated ground, assuming that high tech couldn’t save their lives. (Who knows how their metabolism works? Would we find out in time?)

One just wishes more religious figures actually got what is happening here. Much of science has become a tax-funded extended argument for metaphysical naturalism.

And the worst part is that, as science, it doesn’t even need to make sense any more.

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But surely we can’t conjure an entire advanced civilization?

How do we grapple with the idea that ET might not be out there?

Something tells me Paul Nelson will be waiting a long time for Christians for Darwin to respond to any substantive arguments about the science.

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Yes, thanks RH. The comment did seem odd to me. Their was an "ET Conference" at the Vatican in 2009 under Pope Benedict's watch too. http://www.universetoday.com/44713/vatican-holds-conference-on-extraterrestrial-life/ I remember reading about it back then. There was a discussion of Original Sin being applicable to Man (Earth) but not necessarily to ETs. Thanks again for setting the record straight on "sinister" comment supposedly from Pope Benedict. ppolish
Thanks for the info, RH. Axel
axel & ppolish, It's a a fake report from a fake news site. Pope Benedict made no such pronouncement. rhampton7
If Neil Tyson named the telescope at his Hayden Observatory "Lucifer 2", there would be backlash lol. Impressive telescope though: http://www.gizmag.com/lucifer-nir-system-installed-on-lbt/14926/ ppolish
By that, I mean their folly in pursuing more or less gratuitous conjectures. Though searching for aliens could hardly plumb the depths of the multiverse, etc., conjectures. At least there have been innumerable claims of sightings of UFO's. The trouble is that with atheists, such ventures are the thin end of the wedge. They're getting more and more frustrated at their incompetence in the face of the spirit/matter interface, while Christians and theists have steamed ahead with quantum mechanics. Axel
I'm not at all surprised Benedict's on top of this now; just wonder what kept him. With the brilliant people at their disposal in the Jesuits, Dominicans, etc (and that brilliance necessarily predicates sound Christian belief, without which ostensible brilliance does little to conceal concomitant stupidity), I was thinking the Vatican scientists would be a great bulwark against the dopey naturalists. However, I read a while back that the Vatican Observatory or Institute (not sure of the name) was full of aggressive atheists! And I was appalled. I could scarcely believe it. I put it down to Benedict having many more pressing concerns on his late. So, it's a relief and a joy to see him weighing in. It would be nice to hear from him on here, wouldn't it? But not a priority, particularly if he continues to be active in evaluating the nonsense of the atheist science paradigm and exposing their folly. Axel
Former Pope Benedict not impressed: http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/former-pope-warns-of-vatican-alien-agenda/ ppolish
One scenario that no one ever talks about is I think the most likely and at the same time the most humorous. A spaceman travels to another planet and discovers there is intelligent life. The spaceman approaches the alien and asks him do you believe in God? The alien replies, of course I do, you'd have to be an idiot to think that the entire universe did not have a creator.' If the alien is intelligent then, like most intelligent humans it would most likely conclude, yes there is a God. Just imagine the frustration of the poor atheists who lost another improbable argument against a creator. Peter
Neil Tyson is probably jealous that Brother Guy won the 2014 Carl Sagan Award for Excellence in Science Communication. Neil has yet to win the award. ppolish

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