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Genetics: Can 100 100 year olds tell us how to live long?

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At (10.26.2011 ), we, learn, “New X Prize Is a Race To Sequence the Genomes of One Hundred One-Hundred-Year-Olds”:

A newly revamped $10 million prize for sequencing the genomes of 100 centenarians could yield the fastest-ever gene sequencing technology to date, finally bringing ultra-precise personal genetics to the masses on a rapid and inexpensive scale. And perhaps even better, the genomics X Prize could help unlock the genetic secrets — if they really exist — to a healthy, century-long life.

Five years ago, the Archon Genomics X Prize presented by MEDCO kicked off to stimulate advances in cheap, fast, and accurate human genome sequencing, offering a $10 million purse to whoever could unravel 100 human genomes in 10 days for $10,000 apiece. Although genetic sequencing costs continue to plummet, that short time frame proved too daunting, so the X Prize Foundation decided to start over. They also introduced a new twist: The genomic subjects would come from 100 donor centenarians. Now the contest will last a month, and each sequence must cost $1,000 or less.

It might be interesting. Every centenarian has a different theory. Some of us suspect that not getting heart disease, cancer, or Alzheimer is the main thing.

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    Robert Byers says:

    My Grandfather in Owen Sound , oNtario, farmer died on his 100 th year.
    My dad died about 78.
    Both evangelical Christians.

    The bible says man is given 70 years but with health 80.
    Anymore is because of other promises by god, mentioned in the bible, for longer life.
    Or anyways Gods will allows it for unknown reasons.

    the only thing i ever noticed about longlivers was that late, say 60’s, in life they always articulate they had a routine of doing something that might last from a minute to ten minutes.
    One read their bible, another sipped the same wine at a paticulat time of day, one had cod liver oil, and so on.
    It was noticable.

    I concluded these operations done fore decades after getting into their sixies must be like a great massage of the nervous system.
    They built a great stress release mechanism that aided health.

    Just peculation.

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