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Mitochondrial DNA from Dad might affect claims about “mitochondrial Eve,” says biologist

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File:DNA simple.svgHe thinks the Central Dogma of mitochondrial DNA  needs to be rethought:

From a historical perspective, paternal mtDNA transmission may lead to a reinterpretation of two classic, but controversial, reports regarding “mitochondrial Eve”—the maternal ancestor of all living humans. In 1987, scientists reported the results of a worldwide survey of human mtDNA that showed “all mitochondrial DNAs stem from one woman” and that she probably lived around 200,000 years ago in Africa. A 2010 study was more robust in using mitochondrial genomes to gauge relatedness to confirm that the mother of all human beings, Eve, lived 200,000 years ago. If paternal transmission is not infrequent, then these studies must be reexamined. John D. Loike, “Opinion: The Central Dogma of Mitochondrial Genetics Needs Rewriting” at The Scientist

Funny, these days, so many icons are crashing around us that it’s hard to know amid the shards which is the china shop and which the bull.

Note: Adam and Eve existed, says the Guardian, but never met.

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