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New finds make some wonder what the human genome actually is … it sure isn’t what we used to think …


From “Human Genome Individuality Adds New Questions” (Creation-Evolution Headlines, September 13, 2011), we learn:

Mission accomplished: “The Human Genome Project” was in the bag by 2003. Now we understand how humans are genetically wired, right? Not so fast. Another human genome was just published, raising a whole new set of questions. The big issue is that we all have two genomes in one – one from each parent. Biologists knew this, of course, but for the first time, those two genomes were untangled from one another, and a lot of differences were found: two million, in fact. How do our two separate genomes behave toward each other? And if genomes differ this much, what does a concept like “the human genome” really mean?

We don’t think Francis Collins expected this outcome. He only recently started to give up on those supposed huge wads of junk DNA.

By the way, anyone notice what happened to the God of the gaps? Readers will remember all those gaps that were supposed to be filled in by explanations that do not include design?

Question: If that (which never happened) was supposed to be a threat to ID theorists’ faith, to whose faith is this situation a threat?

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"We don’t think Francis Collins expected this outcome." --Why? What outcome do you think was expected? goodusername

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