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Tomato disease resistance got bred out …

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Tomato and weedy relatives/UCal Davis

… by human tampering? That’s the message here at ScienceDaily:

Analysis of the genome sequences of these 360 varieties and wild strains shows which regions of the genome were under selection during domestication and breeding. The study identified two independent sets of genes responsible for making the fruit of modern commercial tomatoes 100 times larger than their wild ancestors.

An important finding is that specific regions of the tomato genome were unintentionally depleted in genetic variation: for example, in DNA around genes conferring larger fruit size or genes for resistance to diseases afflicting tomato plants.

These stretches of genetic uniformity illustrate the need to increase overall genetic diversity in modern varieties and highlight the important role that the Rick Tomato Genetics Resource Center and similar collections play in housing much of the genetic variability that will be critical for future breeding and research on tomato.

File:A small cup of coffee.JPG This coffee post is dedicated to all tomato gardeners who have wondered at the sheer variety of the pests and parasites that afflict tomatoes. As my grandma would say, everything seems to like tomatoes except spoiled children. – O’Leary for News

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Here’s a BIG pest for you:

But, since humans are part of nature, I guess there is no difference.
Archaeologists and forensic scientists disagree. Or do you think we should release all murderers? Joe
Can any evolutionist please provide the random mutational sequence that turned the non tomato plant ancestor into the tomato plant we have now and also provide the environmental stresses that caused the natural selection. Thanks in advance. logically_speaking
Joe "“Actual selection, that is- as opposed to natural selection.” tintinid, "But, since humans are part of nature, I guess there is no difference." Only evolutionists consider other human beings nothing more than animals, which of course explains today's man's inhumanity to man being carried out around the globe. This Tomato example above could be more accurately called "Ignorant Selection" by means of the misuse of intelligence. DavidD
"Actual selection, that is- as opposed to natural selection." But, since humans are part of nature, I guess there is no difference. tintinnid
Actual selection, that is- as opposed to natural selection. Joe
There you go Barry -- another example of testing for historical selection. wd400

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