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An “Astonishing” find places native North Americans on continent at 14 000 ya

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Mastodon bone, embedded projectile/University of Copenhagen

From “First North American Hunters 1,000 Years Earlier Than Previously Thought, Speared Mastodon Fossil Shows” (ScienceDaily, Oct. 20, 2011), we learn:

A new and astonishing chapter has been added to North American prehistory in regards to the first hunters and their hunt for the now extinct giant mammoth-like creatures — the mastodons. Professor Eske Willerslev’s team from the Centre for GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen, has in collaboration with Michael Waters’ team at the Center for the Study of the First Americans, University of Texas A&M, shown that the hunt for large mammals occurred at least 1,000 years before previously assumed.

And, it turns out, …

This new study concludes that the first-known hunters in North America can now be dated back at least 14,000 years.

Which is astonishing for whom?

“I am sure that especially the Native Americans are pleased with the results of the study. It is further proof that humans have been present in North America for longer than previously believed. The “Clovis First” theory, which many scientists swore to just a few years back, has finally been buried with the conclusions of this study,”

Okay. As so often in human evolution studies, theory had partied in the absence of evidence.

Ergo, any time evidence asserts its frail and endangered head is “astonishing.”

We’ve said this before: Given all the earlier-than-thoughts jamming the warehouse around here,  tt’s pretty much what we would have expected. Next time, wake us up when you’ve found the same artifacts from 50,000 years ago.

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Again with the species. There is no white. THats a term used to deny American (or cAnadian) identity in legal contracts of who possesses the land and civilization. Our identities are real and powerfully clear. I don't mean that people are different species. I'm a YEC creationist. Adam/Eve is the origin of all. No species like creatures. I mean to poetically segregate identity. Americans are a people in time and space. tHe different peoples , called Indians, also were. There is no relationship between the two. The 'indians' were not Americans and not first therefore. The first Americans were only after the revolution. Before that they were wandering Englishmen. The Indians have no right to the moral, intellectual, physical civilization of the true Americans. Indians, of today, are just immigrants to AMERICA like the rest. Robert Byers
The evidence is first biblical boundaries. Migration only happened after the flood. Then after the first tropical stage of earths recovery and then after the cold or "ice age" of earth history. This must match the evidence in Europe where the ice age was around still about 1800BC or so. Then simply crossing the whole area would lead to a estimate of about 1500BC. There is no evidence for dates save these unreliable and hopeful dating things like radiocarbon. This is already rejected by many creationists. Robert Byers
paragwinn "Americans and Indians are not the same species?" ==== That's very white of you! And this is why the world will never unite under the present pseudo-intellects guidance. When evolutionists call other human beings different species as if some are considered lower forms of life(sub-human), then expect the continued failed pursuit of world peace and security. Generally when you hear this kind labling of humans as being different species, it usually originates with folks who are caucasian. Nothing seems to have changed since centuries past. So-called modern enlightenment is apparently still just an illusion. Eocene
"If 2000 years of human predation eliminated mastodons, mammoths, and all the rest of the megafauna, which occupied North America for more than a million years before that, it looks a lot like "blitzkrieg" to me." John Hawks http://johnhawks.net/node/28200 Enezio E. De Almeida Filho
Okay. As so often in human evolution studies, theory had partied in the absence of evidence.
Hardly an absence of evidence - the same article says
The first traces of the hunt for mastodons in North America have previously been attributed the so-called Clovis culture. Clovis culture dates back approximately 13,000 years and is viewed as a type of common culture ancestral for all Native American tribes in North America.
i.e. there was evidence, and the theories were developed based on that evidence. We have new evidence that contradicts this evidence, and what happens? The theories are re-evaluated in this new light. Heinrich
Americans and Indians are not the same species? What evidence do you have that Indians only arrived about 1500BC? paragwinn
First they were not the FIRST AMERICANS. The Americans are a particular people who separated from their British ancestors in the 1700's. These indians were not Americans They merely walked on land now possessed by Americans. They are not the same people. Get the species right. What does it matter to "Native Americans" if the dates go back further. it gives no more claim over the American people to the land. Bury the tomahawk its over. The bible is clear that man only been around for some 6000 years. The Indians only arrived about 1500 BC or so. The tools they use to date things are incompetent. they found only remnant groups of the original hugh fauna. Robert Byers

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