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Flores man died out sooner than thought


Current humans killed them researchers say: From ScienceDaily:

An ancient species of pint-sized humans discovered in the tropics of Indonesia may have met their demise earlier than once believed, according to scientists who reinvestigated the original finding. The group challenges reports that these inhabitants of remote Flores island co-existed with modern humans for tens of thousands of years.

“In fact, Homo floresiensis seems to have disappeared soon after our species reached Flores, suggesting it was us who drove them to extinction,” says Associate Professor Maxime Aubert, a geochronologist and archaeologist at RCHE, who with RCHE’s Director Professor Rainer measured the amount of uranium and thorium inside Homo floresiensis fossils to test their age.More. Paper. (paywall)

But then the last team we heard from said they weren’t human. (Didn’t have chins.)

Keep the file open.

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