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Human evolution: “Fatherhood made us human”is next up


By now, so many things made us human. Better to say we don’t know?

Here we are told about “How fatherhood made us human.”

According to Alan Boyle at MSNBC‘s Cosmic Log (06/2011/17):

Other research suggests that early humans diverged from chimps in the organization of hunter-gatherer societies. Groups of chimpanzees are generally organized along kinship lines, and there’s a high level of aggression between those kin groups. But Arizona State University anthropologist Kim Hill and his colleagues reported in the journal Science that today’s human hunter-gatherer groups are more mixed up, genetically speaking. 

Such intermixing, coupled with pair bonding, might well explain why intergroup relations go more smoothly among humans than they do among chimps (even though we still have a long way to go). A father who recognized his son in a neighboring group would be less likely to strike out against him, which would open the way for larger tribal networks.

Plus more evolutionary psychology bunk.

Most normal men would prefer a cringeworthy neon tie or mad plaid socks.

(Note: Not recognizing a son, yeah, happens.)

OT: Dr. Don Johnson has a brand new video up: The Unexplainable Interactive Computer Systems in Life - video http://vimeo.com/25320419 bornagain77
Fatherhood/patriarchy made civilization, which is quite a different thing from making us human. Some of my ancestors, just a few generations ago, were matriarchal barbarian savages. Seeing how must more successful (and how much better off) the whites were with their patriarchal civilization, they switched over. Ilion

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