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Human evolution: Mental illness gave humanity an edge?

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From New Scientist

Did an autistic inventor start a Stone Age technological revolution? Were the first spiritual leaders bipolar? A daring new theory makes the case for the idea that mental problems gave early humans an edge.

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If one can’t find a convincing useful adaptation that explains human evolution, there is always a wide array of harmful ones to try out. Mental illness will do as well as anything else, one suspects.

NEWS: "Human evolution: Mental illness gave humanity an edge?" ==== LOL! They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel these days for worldview justification. How about this headline yesterday: "Why Cooking Counts" Study finds cooking increases energy from meat, may have driven human evolution So cooking gave an advantage for humans over bacteria for food resources which resulted in better fitness and reproduction ??? But wait a minute, now we have another survival predicament or dilemma: "As human evolutionary biologists, we think about energetic gain as being something positive, because it allows for growth and reproduction, and it's a critical component of a species' evolutionary fitness," Carmody said. "But the question in the modern world is: If we now have the problem of excess as opposed to deficit, is that still a positive? Funny, I didn't realize the globe had an excess of over abundance. Aren't there still numerous countries running in the major deficit columns ??? Fortunately we have companies like Monsanto(Soylent Korporation) who out of the goodness of their hearts only want to help us out in that department. Eocene

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