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John Hawks on human evolution: Free chapter from book on evolution from Princeton U

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Further to “New Scientist offers to explain how swearing made us human,” only this time (one would expect) on an intellectually serious note, Princeton U Press’s new Guide to Evolution offers a number of free chapters, including John Hawks on “Human Evolution.” Hawks has been good at dismissing nonsense in the past, so it might be worth a read. Let us know.

Other free chapters here.

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Would the anti ID people agree that this book is the current definitive exposition of evolutionary thought? If so, then it may be a good place to start to have a discussion. It is expensive, $80 for the ebook and $100 for the print version. I am tempted to buy it to see just what is said. In all of my past purchases of books on evolution there never was anything in them that would undermine the ID position. If this book is not able to do that, then what can we say about current evolutionary theory? jerry

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