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Neanderthals capture birds. Big mystery!

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You know, separate human species and all that.

From BBC News:

The conventional wisdom had been that Neanderthals did not have the capacities or technology that allowed them to capture fast-moving prey.

Why was that the conventional wisdom? Does it not belong to an anthropology that is utterly without evidence and should be classified as wrong, along with eugenics? In order to validate Darwinism (fourth rate, tax funded science)?

Only our own ancestors had these abilities, among them the skills to catch birds. Equipped with a package of skills, which included the exploitation of marine resources, our ancestors spread across the world from their African home following coastlines.

Neanderthals are part of our ancestry. They aren’t a “separate species.”

In 2011, an Italian team had published evidence of Neanderthal exploitation of raptors and corvids for the use of feathers.More.


Brits feel forced to fund this stuff via the BBC. Apart from that, we need a serious talk about the very concept of species. What, exactly does it mean? Why should it be used  when we discuss deceased humans?

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Okay, link was tried at 2:28 am EST and it mapped onto correct article. News
The link at "More" took me to a BBC article about comets as well (dated December 2014). Link not fixed yet. TimT
Mahuna, we think it works now but let us know. Sorry! News
Darwinists are obsessed with the size and shape of heads. Can you imagine the outrage if they went around today measuring and analyzing peoples' heads and then made assumptions of intelligence based on that? tommy hall
Um, the link takes me to a story about comets. Even monkeys can capture birds in their nests. So finding evidence of bird feathers at a Neander-buddy site isn't especially exciting and doesn't say anything about how the feathers were obtained. But, hey, if you want funding for next summer's dig, you had gosh darn better have found something REALLY important on this summer's dig. mahuna

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