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No, see, dark matter drove human evolution…

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… by wiping out the dinosaurs

Just as, we are told, climate change jump started evoltion and fast food is derailing it, we learn from a “leading Harvard physicist” a radical new theory, courtesy Yahoo News:

Lisa Randall, a theoretical physicist at Harvard University, has a different, and novel answer, which she describes in her latest book, “Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs.”

In her latest book, she posits that the extinction of the dinosaurs — necessary for the emergence of humans — is linked to dark matter. Dark matter is the mysterious, invisible matter that astronomers estimate makes up 85% of all matter in our universe.

In her book, Randall describes a dark, pancake-shaped patty of densely packed dark matter within our galaxy that could be responsible for our emergence as a species.

Actually, we still haven’t identified any dark matter, and it isn’t self-evident that dinosaurs had to go extinct in order for humans to emerge as a species. (Perhaps a good case can be made, but it is not self-evident.)

While it’s impossible to wind back the clock, proving the existence of the dark disc would greatly advance Randall’s theory. More.

Can we picture this as a summer sci-fi blockbuster though?

Meanwhile, as a friend put it, “What was that Jimmy Durante said? “Everybody wants ta get inta the act!”

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Robert Byers ... Keep in mind that this lady is a PhD Physicist at Harvard University. Our own Bill Dembski went through hell and back - eventually ending his stay at Baylor - for promoting ID yet these people can *seriously* put out this garbage and carry on unscathed as if nothing had happened. The smell of rotten fish in Denmark is in the air. Jorge
I think I have the solution. Fast food dinosaur meat. Mung
Surely she speaks in jest. SURELY. This is more then eror speculation. ITS crazy. Who hired her? Hmmmm. Is it possible that there is affirmative action in these big schools and a desire to equalize women/male stats in positions?? Especially since they talk about why women have no interest in science relative to men. Hmmm. A educated suspicion but in the end what can you say? there is no evidence for dino die off. Just that they don't find dinos in the depositional sediment layer above the one(s) they do. Its all geology assumption really. Not biology evidence. Some say the flood killed off the dinos in a sudden event and is the origin for ther unique burial/fossilization. Hmmm. Would explain things better. they never find dinos who died of old age but always in cirves on the graph of all ages of living populations. yet really it should be skewed to old age and the burial event then they need. Hmmmm. Robert Byers
I fear she has been seduced by the Dark Side of The Force ... Seversky

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