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Silvery gibbons and birds “explain” human language

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“Specifically, Miyagawa and his co-authors think that some apparently infinite qualities of modern human language, when reanalyzed, actually display the finite qualities of languages of other animals — meaning that human communication is more similar to that of other animals than we generally realized.

So my cats can’t talk to me, why exactly again?

“Yes, human language is unique, but if you take it apart in the right way, the two parts we identify are in fact of a finite state,” Miyagawa says. “Those two components have antecedents in the animal world. According to our hypothesis, they came together uniquely in human language.”

If I took my computer apart “in the right way,” I would have about 20 kg of scrap metal. But … what is missing from this picture?

File with: Contenders for silliest science press claim of the year.

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This creationist indeed sees language as merely segregated combinations of sounds. Just simple sounds. So like critters we just use sounds. The difference with us is our great thinking need to express our great thoughts and then we have memorized with a great memory the sounds combinations we use. its that simple. Its our thoughts that make us God unique. not the mechanism of sounds. Talking is for us not much different then our cats after all. They just are too dumb to have anything to say and organize and memorie sounds to say it. its about intelligence and not ability. parotts prove this. Robert Byers

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