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Humor: Google Trends

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Ever wonder what Science Bloggers do when they’re not science blogging? Wonder no longer.


Top Five Things Science Blog Readers Search For:

1. scotch tape mosquito bites
2. kate beckinsale
3. sponge bob
4. bruce lee
5. britney spears

Interesting (if you’re a 12 year old).

Top Five Blogs Science Blog Readers Also Visit

1. richarddawkins.net
2. catholicleague.org
3. rememberthycreator.com
4. dirtgetswet.com
5. politicalirony.com

Yup. All science.

3 Replies to “Humor: Google Trends

  1. 1

    And, if you track ncseweb.org, you will see Richard Dawkins again.

    1. natcenscied.org
    2. pandasthumb.org
    3. talkorigins.org
    4. richarddawkins.net

    Go Eugenie!

  2. 2
    Marie says:

    Actually, the first on the also searched for when I clicked on your link was Pharyngula? Scotch Tape Mosquito Bites was number 2. I tried to show this to a darwinist friend of mine and since I forwarded your list as is, they called me a distortionist, which I pretty much feel like.

  3. 3
    DaveScot says:


    It was filed under humor. I used a bit of literary license for comic effect and I didn’t use much of that license.

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