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That’s exactly what we predicted

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Here’s a good one, over at Evolution News: http://www.evolutionnews.org/2012/09/in_debate_brita_1064521.html

Dawkins, 2009: DNA… it’s full of junk… which is just as Darwinism predicted… how embarrassing for those creationists who say it shouldn’t be!

Dawkins, 2012: DNA… it’s not full of junk… which is just as Darwinism predicted… nothing for the creationists to take advantage of here, move along!

Those of us who doubt Dawkins’ rationality find this response to a new discovery to be exactly what our prior theories predicted. 🙂

One thing modern Darwinists like "the four horsemen" have most definitely accomplished by their pratings is to prove themselves not only as irredeemably dismal as their forebears, but pathetically droll as well. jstanley01
A veritable paragon of evocative words - however desperately prosaic and in an apt context. It sounds like a not too distant cousin of the word, 'clumsy', doesn't it? And perhaps, 'klutz', too, once or twice removed. At the very least, an affine. Axel
With so many failures Dawkins should become a politician. :) Eugen
Didn't get it from BA77, sorry BA77 :) It is a word I use from time to time. Probably picked it up from the computer systems folks I hang with. Eric Anderson
Computer programmers use kludge A LOT. Generally they are referring to code that is inelegantly stitched together rather than rewritten from the top down. Jerad
OT: Would folks here be at all interested in an "Intelligent Design" conference? We could try to get speakers and have panels, etc. I'd sure love to have an opportunity to meet you all some time. Sorry kf, the Caribbean is out of the question! Mung
Somehow I just knew it had something to do with the military, lol. http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/K/kludge.html Mung
Well If he got kludge from me, I plagiarized it from Dr. Hunter originally. bornagain77
That's a womderful word, 'kludge', Eric. Did you plagiarise it from bornagain, or is it in dictionaries. I expect the latter, but what onomatopoeic brilliance! Axel
Dawkins is obviously a psychopath. Mapou
. . . and so another epicycle is added to the unwieldy kludge of ad hoc 'explanations' that characterize evolutionary theory . . . Eric Anderson
'.... it's exactly what a Darwinist would hope for.' Ah, if wishes were horses, Ricky... Indeed, hope doesn't strike me as something atheists would be keen to acknowledge (failing to acknowledge all manner of realities being a particularly finely-honed 'skill' they have); it wouldn't sound particularly scientific to their way of 'thinking', would it? I seem to remember reading a quote of Darwin about being cold, hard and emotionless in one's reasoning. A quote that may have been spurious. I wouldn't wish it on the most militant atheist. Axel

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