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Cornell Origin of Biological Information papers now on line

Ought I to let the trolls out of the basement now, John?

John Sanford of Cornell University (gene gun inventor) writes to advise us that

The Editors of the volume Biological Information – New Perspectives (BINP) are extremely happy to notify you that the proceedings of the 2011 symposium at Cornell (by the same name), has finally been published on-line ( here). Chapters are “open access” and can be freely downloaded at this site.

No hard copies till August.

This volume contains 24 cutting-edge scientific papers which represent the research of 29 well-credentialed scientists from a wide array of scientific disciplines. The work of these authors led them to diverse conclusions – but they all agree on one central point. They conclude that the vast labyrinth of information networks found within even the simplest cell cannot be adequately understood solely in terms of the mutation/selection Darwinian process.

We are told,

The Editors are extremely grateful to WS [the publisher, World Scientific] for their commitment to academic freedom and fair play.

The backstory is that, surprise, surprise, Darwinists decided to use their troll heft to suppress the papers.

Here, we will print the Abstracts, one by one, inviting discussion, not noviewing.

1) Thank you for letting me out! 2) "Here, we will print the Abstracts, one by one, inviting discussion": I hope this series starts soon! DiEb
Denyse, you write "Ought I to let the trolls out of the basement now, John?" Though I never thought of me as a troll, I'm still in the dungeons of moderation - after years of contributing to this site. Can you do something about that, i.e., letting me out of this basement? UD: You are out. DiEb
Denyse, thank you for the third announcement of these proceedings. It's indeed serendipitous that the papers can be downloaded for free. As I stated earlier, I'm mainly interested in the work of Dembski and Marks. I just started a (quite critical) review of their first article in the book - "A General Theory of Information Cost Incurred by Successful Search" - on my blog. DiEb

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