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“Pin-ups of the cosmos” puzzle scientists

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Messier 101

Catching up with the news from outer space, from New Scientist’s Vanessa Thomas and Richard Webb (June 13, 2011), we learn that spiral galaxies are a headscratcher for cosologists:

Easy as these spiral beauties are on the eye, for cosmologists they are becoming something of a headache. As we survey the spiral galaxies around us more closely, nagging doubts are creeping in that some of the largest, most luminous examples in fact look rather too perfect. What’s more, many of them seem to be in entirely the wrong place.

How can a galaxy be in the “wrong” place? Doesn’t anyone enforce our rules out there? – (Registration required)

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    Barb says:

    And while the cosmologists fret away, ‘the heavens are declaring the glory of God.’

    That photo is beautiful, but I’m more drawn to the Hubble Ultra Deep Field.

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