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A characteristic of our times: Anarchy from above: Canadian truckers edition


Barry commented recently that lockdowns had accomplished nothing. Canadian scholar Douglas Farrow offers some thoughts on the way current elite-driven government amounts to anarchy from above, as the COVID-19 situation illustrates. He quotes from and reflects on the writings of G. K. Chesterton:

Covid has been used, by men of the same sort, in an attempt to euthanize it. Such men are not philanthropists but misanthropes. Among themselves, they “pretend that they despise humanity for its weakness. As a matter of fact, they hate it for its strength” (Heretics XIV).

Let us show them something of that strength, then, so far as God grants it. Yes, “they have their great campaigns and cosmopolitan systems for the regimentation of millions, and the records of science and progress” (Eugenics 2, VIII). Yes, they behave as if they “had a right to dragoon and enslave fellow citizens as a kind of chemical experiment,” and to do so “in a state of reverent agnosticism” about what may come of it (1, II). But against all that, we have something more than “wild words of despair” to hurl back at them, words snatched away in the cruel, relentless winds of change. We have, as Chesterton points out in his final chapter, the lessons of history, including the example “of all the millions who died to destroy Prussianism” and eventually (though he did not live to see it) Nazism. We have, more fundamentally, knowledge that the cries of the oppressed are etched deep “in the red granite of the wrath of God” and that the pleas of the righteous will not go unheard.

Douglas Farrow, “Anarchy fromAbove, Part II” at Substack

Here’s what resistance to the anarchy means in Canada: The Convoy was peaceful compared to most demos. We just want to COVID Crazy to end. It’s not doing anything but harm. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, max vaxxed, got COVID anyway. Meanwhile, huge social harm follows stuff like kids not in school for years, and so forth. Here’s the Michigan Farmers take:

Here’s the elite response to the Convoy from Canada’s elite progressive government:

Our great freedom-guardian press has sought out every minor incident—and there have been only minor incidents in a protest involving thousands—to brand and colour the whole movement, amplified all criticism, taking to calling the truckers “yahoos,” wildly exaggerating slights or perceived “threats,” and for the most part studiously avoiding giving anything like a reasoned and calm account of the concerns of the citizens who constitute the protest.

PM Trudeau, having removed himself and gone into protection (he caught COVID, after receiving the vaccines and the booster, which might be seen as undercutting the need to mandate them on others), announced in the most febrile terms that they were “misogynists, racists, and science-deniers.” Further, that they are a contemptible “fringe.” On Jan. 31 he was at it again: “We won’t cave to those who engage in vandalism …. There is no place in our country for threats, violence, or hatred.”e1

A great swathe of the press is in tune with the Mr. Trudeau. They exude a superior attitude to those they report on, some are describing the protestors as an “occupying force,” and are most outraged by the “honking.” Dear me. A wave of vandalized and burnt churches last year received far more tepid moralizing.

Rex Murphy, “Media’s Alarmist Reporting of Trucker Protest and Trudeau’s Intolerant Rhetoric Are Shameful” at Epoch Times (February 4, 2022)

In reality, the Canadian Freedom Convoy (end the lockdowns!) was a model of peaceful protest. Meanwhile…

GoFundMe has now seized the $10 million dollars Canadians contributed to the support of those camped in Ottawa aiming to end the destructive lockdowns and will give it to charities instead.

Over the past weeks, the GoFundMe account supporting the Canadian Freedom Convoy has raised over $9 million from small donors. Today, at the request of the Trudeau dictatorship, that account was shut down. To add injury to insult, GoFundMe has decided to repurpose the donations, sending them to a charity that has the approval of that corporation rather than returning them to the donors. You have to submit an “application” to get your money back.

Streiff, “GoFundMe Shuts Down Canadian Freedom Convoy Account and Sends the Money Where It Decides” at RedState (February 4, 2022)

Update: GoFundMe has decided to just refund the donors instead. More later.

The truckers are allowed to help decide where the money that was raised for them, while they wait for answers, will go instead.

And if you think elite progressives are not coming for you, rest assured, they are — unless you are one of them.

As if that will stop a free people:



Added: Trudeau’s government is encouraged by American source (Washington Post) to dehumanize Canadians who oppose useless, oppressive anti-COVID measures that are wrecking our society:

Be in no doubt. It is coming for you next if you don’t speak up in your own environment, if it is happening to you.

Update: SUV mows down Winnipeg Freedom walkers – multiple injuries reported Say what you want about progressives. Unlike many people, they are not kidding. Further update: The driver has been arrested. The police say his motive was not pro-lockdown but we’ll let the courts decide that.

Update 2: (just fun)

From the Babylon Bee: Trudeau Dons Blackface To Escape Capital Undetected “OTTAWA—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reportedly fled his residence at Rideau Cottage this morning, sneaking past a small fringe minority of 50,000 racist truckers while wearing the perfect disguise: blackface.” (Trudeau has often worn blackface.)

I admit that my last analogy was a stretch. But I would also like to point out that many countries require yellow fever vaccinations for anyone arriving from countries with yellow fever. Scamp
The original stated purpose of the convoy was to protest the vaccine requirements for truckers entering Canada. The US has a similar mandate. If you had a coworker who is deathly allergic to peanuts do you think that an employer has the right to fire an employee who refuses to leave his peanuts at home? Scamp
Yes, Jerry at 9, the update is correct. Any other course of action would - it was likely pointed out to them - be fraud. https://www.theepochtimes.com/gofundme-says-it-will-automatically-refund-all-donations-to-trucker-convoy-florida-to-investigate_4258597.html I will have more to say this evening. News
Denyse, This is what I saw
To simplify the process for our users, we will be refunding all donations to the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser. This refund will happen automatically—you do not need to submit a request. Donors can expect to see refunds within 7-10 business days.
https://mobile.twitter.com/gofundme/status/1489870510057877505 Both Musk and DeSantis went after them. Probably others. https://mobile.twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1489794991308345345 https://mobile.twitter.com/ElectionWiz/status/1489983425658474496 They apparently read the tea leaves. jerry
Having said all that, I believe the convoy should now start leaving Ottawa, slowly but surely:
I would have to agree, but I don’t think they will. They have repeatedly said that they would not leave until their demands were met. And their demands, which include removal of the Prime Minister, would not be honoured by any government, regardless of stripe. Scamp
Watching this unfold, I have been aghast at the mainstream media twisted coverage of this convoy. They misrepresent reality, blow up minor events, ignore the truckers themselves, and parrot each others' talking points, totally missing the larger story about widespread discontent across the nation. Their hypocrisy is so obvious when comparing their handling of this convoy, to their responses to BLM, Antifa, or Native blockades, protests and mobs, that I have to wonder how they can look at themselves in the mirror without shame. The Prime Minister's responses have been even worse: repeating media lies, insulting a broad swath of citizens (not the first time), ignoring evidence of the changing COVID situation, refusing even to talk with anyone from the convoy, and spouting his over-worn arrogance and ignorance. He needs a good dose of humility and repentance! I know people who voted for him and his party; they have drunk the Kool-Aid of the progressive woke narrative, and are quite happy in their own insulated silos. Having said all that, I believe the convoy should now start leaving Ottawa, slowly but surely: - before something truly bad happens that the media can use to further discount them - they have made their point around the world (even if their point is rather vague) - they are unlikely to achieve any further goals or additional support by staying on - the public have seen enough and the convoy is losing its panache and novelty - they could move on to other venues to re-establish their relevance and new their profile But then, who am I but another armchair commenter, worried about the world going to hell in a hand basket (still, or yet again). Fasteddious
Jerry at 6: No, the latest is that they are going to distribute them among charities they approve of. Okay! Update: They are refunding all the donations. A Canadian constitutional lawyer probably pointed out that any other action would be fraud. https://www.theepochtimes.com/gofundme-says-it-will-automatically-refund-all-donations-to-trucker-convoy-florida-to-investigate_4258597.html News
they are not kidding
As long as it’s one sided. I never met a progressive that was willing to put their body let alone their life on the line for anything they espoused, Excepting those mentally ill. Aside: I heard Gofundme has agreed to return the funds to Doners. jerry
Say what you want about progressives. Unlike many people, they are not kidding.
That's a sobering reminder. They're playing for keeps - and they play by Saul Alinski's rules. Silver Asiatic
The convoy to Ottawa was extremely misguided. It was originally claimed to be a protest over the requirement for Canadian truckers to be vaccinated to return to Canada without quarantine. Completely ignoring the fact that it is impossible to return to Canada if foreign rules won’t allow you to leave Canada. The convoy slowly morphed into a protest against COVID restrictions. But again, targeting Ottawa is misguided because most restrictions are provincial. I fully support their right to peacefully protest, and they have been largely peaceful. But when they block access to parts of the city for extended periods of time they cease to be a peaceful protest and they are taking freedoms away from others. Scamp
Update: SUV mows down Winnipeg Freedom walkers - multiple injuries reported Say what you want about progressives. Unlike many people, they are not kidding. News
Apparently, workers of the world uniting is not acceptable to the elite-totalitarian socialist class. -Q Querius
I'm double vaccinated and I wholly support the Freedom Convoy. The way the legacy media and certain so-called leaders, such as Jim Watson (Mayor of Ottawa) and Justine Trudeau, have treated these truckers and their supporters has been absolutely disgusting; it sickens me to see the Prime Minister of Canada cower in hiding, while hurling insults to a group of people who literally keep this country moving forward. What a disgrace of a Prime Minister. KRock
Repurposing donations is GRAND LARCENY. I hope somebody sues on those grounds. GoFundMe knows how to refund donations. polistra

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