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A “hypothetical” particle is a new candidate for generating dark matter

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Notice the use of the expression “could be responsible”:

A hypothetical particle known as the ultralight boson could be responsible for our universe’s dark matter. While the ultralight boson isn’t directlyobservable, it might clump up around black holes, triggering an exotic mechanism that causes it to explode — in a massive burst of gravitational waves. Even better: these gravitational waves may be detectable with the next generation of detectors…

As of yet, there’s no evidence in the gravitational wave background for these black hole bombs — and hence no evidence linking them to the dark matter behind them. But that non-detection helps us understand these models — if the axion was heavier than a certain mass (and we’re right about how black hole bombs work), then they would’ve shown up in the background by now.

Paul Sutter, “A new particle, the ultralight boson, could swirl around black holes, releasing detectable gravitational waves” at Space.com Paper (open access)

Great name that – black hole bomb.

It’s so hard now to tell science from science fiction but that’s not because of progress. It’s because so much weight is given to hypotheticals.

At another gig, yer news hack reviews sci-fi films. So now that we’re deep into the “could” and “might,” here’s some free stuff you can watch that is labeled as science fiction so there’s no mistake:

“Speed of Time” from DUST. A computer nerd writing a pizza delivery program discovers that his work is way more important than he, or anyone, thought. Imagine what happens when an accomplished ground warrior busts in from another time on a quiet family at the breakfast table…

“Alone” at DUST. Space engineer Kaya Torres, the only survivor of a black hole, contacts an “interstellar penpal” to keep her company until she dies. She manages a desperate escape but then experiences one of the astonishing implications of time travel.

“The Beacon” at DUST. Refreshingly realistic, especially the harrowing Arctic encounter where the grieving husband finds out what really happened. Not to be missed is Mark’s encounter with the bureaucrat from hell.

See also: We are now told of radio emissions from an alien world… Like space junk Oumuamua, it’ll almost certainly turn out to be nothing. So why … ? It’s a legitimate question, at this point, whether “science” is just cultural territory now—a way of saying that one is Woke, Cool, and progressive. Depending on where you work, no actual results may be required.

Also, just for fun:

I've just started work on the three hypothetical particles making up the new hypothetical ultralight boson: they are the ultra-klepton, the meta-doggon, and the autonomous-moron. Depending on which of the two gang up on the third, the arrangement spontaneously generates either an attractive graviton, a repulsive graviton, or a passable graviton. ;-) -Q Querius
Neutrinos were also posited like this honestly is just another unicorn particle AaronS1978

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